Kiss your Brain The benefits of physical activity (Pilates) and brain health : Kamara Bivens

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Research shows that there are many benefits of physical activity. Some of those benefits include improving cognitive health and strengthening muscles and bones. Neurological disorders affect the brain and nerves found throughout the body. Neurological disorders can also affect the spinal cord, resulting in symptoms such as weakness and muscle imbalances. Some examples of these conditions include Stroke, Parkinson, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Pilates for Neurological disorders or Neuro Pilates is an excellent low-impact exercise for those with Neurological conditions. This practice implements Pilates-based exercises that can help improve issues with gait, balance, tremors, flexibility, grip strength, and motor coordination. In Pilates, we are taught to embrace the mind and body connection. Simply put, we listen and process the cues given, followed by the movements that we produce.

Wow! That’s a lot of brain power!

When a client with a Neurological disorder incorporates this practice into their daily routine, they do much more than just exercise. They activate neurotransmitters that naturally create a cycle that tells our brain that we enjoy physical activity and motivates us to do it more. Along with the challenges of exercise, there is a change referred to as neuroplasticity. With neuroplasticity, the brain can change over time through growth, reorganization, and consistency.

So, no matter the style of Pilates that you practice, remember to show some gratitude and,

Kiss your brain!