Pilate exchange Training
  • Upcoming Class Dates for 2022/2023

    Sept. 19th
    Oct. 17th
    Nov. 14th
    Jan 16th
    Feb. 13th
    March 13th
    April 10th
    May 15th

  • Where:

    Pilates Core Center
    1919 Greentree Rd
    Cherry Hill N.J.

    Classes Available In-Person,
    Online & On Demand

  • When:

    12:00-1:30 pm E.T.

  • Cost:

    $400 for All 8 classes
    Or $75 for a single class

Class Topics include:

  • Accessing the Upper Fibers of the Psoas
  • Mobilizing the Spine
  • Stability/Mobility of the Upper & Lower Limb
  • Realigning the Foot

The Pilates Exchange is a group class designed to enhance the knowledge of current and future Pilates instructors and apprentices. Facilitated by Jessica Moss, we will meet one Monday each month to question, learn and dig deeper into anatomy, alignment and movement.

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