Author: Pilates Core Center |

I really like the psychic fairs that are put on by Connection Beyond. I have been to many in the area, but the ones at your center are a lot of fun because they include vendors, and there is more to do than other ones. Most of the other ones include food with admission, but that's it. At one of the events was a crystal vendor who was not there this time. I hope he returns. Marisa was reading at this event as well, which was really nice. I haven't seen her read at one of these events before. I wanted a reading but she was booked for the day. Perhaps they can offer advance scheduling with her next time, as this time she was not an option on the schedule. You had to call in to make an appointment. There was also one reader who was advertised that was not there, but was sick. I hope to meet her next time. Looking forward to coming again,